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Go On Young Soul

Well, it’s finally here!

10 syrupy tracks about a 20-something’s bittersweet love story, immortalized forever so even I can never forget it. What a journey it’s been! When I started writing these songs, I never thought that 1. they would take so long and 2. I would become so attached to the feelings and moments accompanying their unfolding. But what is life if not making memories with strangers while creating something larger than yourself, that’ll hopefully outlive you someday?

Regardless, I confess I put an inordinate amount of time and attention into every word, note, riff, swell (I have OCD) and detail of this album. I did my best to be as sincere in my sound and lyrics as possible, but ultimately you’ll receive it in your own way, and I can only hope you like it!

If you’re unsure you can stomach an entire 53 minutes of some girl serenading you with ambivalent nostalgia, may I recommend listening to my album while driving. I love driving and take long drives frequently, and can confirm that this album pairs nicely with the open road and a bittersweet sense of escape. It’s called Glass Highways, after all.

This record was produced and mixed with the help of amazing Tim Carr. Mastering was done by Phillip Shaw Bova. Cover photo shot by Dawn Bowery and album design by Cameron Shepherd

Now excuse me while I make up for the drinking I’ve been putting off these past few years. Thank you all for your support and cheers to the first album of many!